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Leo Annab

Business Technology Officer

“We tie together over 70 systems internally that we index with Coveo. We wanted to get at that information in a meaningful way, and it’s used by all the employees across CA Technologies... as well as customers on our external site. Coveo’s been extraordinarily valuable... supporting about 1000 hits/minute from over 150,000 registered users on our support site..”

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Sam Detweiler

VP, Technical Support

“Since the project inception, we’ve increased our customer self-service satisfaction rate by 10 percent, thanks to the Coveo implementation and other steps we’ve taken in customer service.”

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Pierre Bergeron

Process & Compliance Manager

“With Coveo, we now have greater insight into all our corporate knowledge and information, and our customers and their projects. This unified view of information helps us to better collaborate on projects, quickly understand who our subject-matter experts are, get our new employees up to speed and productive faster, avoid the recreation of work that’s already been done, and more.”

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Martin Larrivée


“Since our Coveo implementation, we have significantly increased our efficiency and productivity numbers, with our average user saving two hours each week searching for information, or recreating work that already exists, which translates into a 5 percent improvement in productivity per employee...Considering recurrent six-figure yearly savings and progressive user-adoption rates, the time to ROI has been estimated to be less than a year.”

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Yvonne Allmaras

Director, Service Programs, Tools and Education

“The implementation process far exceeded my expectations. The time and effort that {Coveo} took was amazing and in my experience was the smoothest project I have ever worked on in the last 15 years.”

Leo Stefanov

Manager, Web Technologies

“Coveo was very interactive and easy to work with. Coveo’s proof of concept was actually built as we saw it, so we could tailor what it looked like ahead of our executive presentation. They really provided the exact solution we were looking for in the market.”

Vincent Fosty

Managing Partner

"With Coveo, we’re able to search, consolidate, correlate and analyze information on customers, engagements, past projects, our people, and more, all through a single interface, giving us a deeper level of insight into our business. Coveo has really helped us to accelerate sales as well as better serve our customer engagements.” 

Brenda Darrah

Director of Knowledge Management

“Our external website has about 30,000 pages and serves many audiences, so relevance is very important. We wanted people to be able to search and then refine their search, and using [Coveo’s] clustering feature has really helped with that.”

Shelley Norton

Document Repository Administrator

“In the healthcare industry, every second counts. Accessing the right information impacts children’s lives. With Coveo, health care providers and researchers at Children’s have instant access to the precise information required to treat patients and push their research forward towards developing cures for pediatric illnesses.”

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Marc Solomon

Knowledge Planner

"It’s been a very productive outcome, and that’s based on being able to take my experience and take the goals our organization has set up for search and really being able to apply them in the configuration of Coveo.”

Joe Caggiano

Chief Operating Officer

“We were very impressed with Coveo’s technology and Proof of Concept. Seeing how Coveo would benefit our organization, using our own data, was extremely powerful. On top of that, our team is impressed with the support. Coveo has continued to provide great service throughout our relationship.”

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Serge Brière

IT Coordinator

“Coveo’s search platform will provide hundreds of our employees around the world with better insight into the data they need quickly. With a geographically-dispersed workforce in a highly knowledge-intensive organization such as this, information access is critical. Coveo improves our business processes by helping us make sense of the vast amount of structured and unstructured data across disparate sources in our organization.”

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