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Professional services

Coveo’s Professional Services team focuses solely on customer success through outstanding user adoption.

Our experts work closely with customers every step of the way – from implementation to training to ongoing consulting. At every step, we are committed to outfitting our customers for success. Our Professional Services team’s unique combination of proven methodologies and deep domain expertise helps customers maximize their Coveo implementation, create value, and generate results.


Let's face it. Extracting key requirements and turning them into an Insight solution or finding ways to increase user adoption is not something you have to do every day. This is what WE do every day. Our team of experts can help you determine how our suite of products can help you solve your business problems. Even if your solution is already in place, leverage our team of experienced consultants to perform a complete review and make sure you're getting the most out of your investment.

Implementation and Integration

Unless you have experience in this type of deployment, there’s a good chance you will require assistance to deploy Coveo across your enterprise. Whether you’re implementing Coveo for the first time, upgrading to a new version, scaling your deployment, looking to implement new features, or seeking to integrate the solution into another enterprise system, Coveo Professional Services experts can help.

Managed Services

Short staffed? Pulled in too many directions to manage your Coveo implementation? Don’t care about the technology and just want the results? Not a problem.

Our team of expert consultants is fully equipped to manage the ongoing success of your Coveo implementation by providing full services for your Coveo solution. As part of the complete turn-key experience, our team will not only manage your implementation, but also the servers and hosting if necessary, and provide regular health reports.

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First, understand the complete Coveo Platform and gain the competencies that will ensure valuable results.


Second, create search experiences that are tailored to the needs of your various audiences. Requirements for one, are not the requirements for all.


Last, by focusing your Coveo implementation towards defined tasks and processes, enhance engagement across all audience types.

The Coveo Training Framework

Our flexible, modular and tailored curricula will easily fit your timeframes, formats and audiences. Our training programs cover key competencies -- User Experience, Index Administration and Content Integration – for roles including Requirements Analysts, Search Experts, Usage Analysts, Index Administrators, Content Administrators and Content Developers. Participants gain skills and knowledge to optimize the value your organization gains from your Coveo implementation.

  • Webcast
  • On-Site
  • Hands-on Labs
  • GoToTraining
  • Tutoring
  • Hosted

Coveo Training Packages

System Administration — 2 days

  1. Installation Training
  2. Configuration Training
  3. Management Training
  4. Optimization Training
  5. Content Crawler Implementation Training
  • Learn all Coveo Platform components
  • Understand different user experiences
  • Solid understanding of indexing process
  • Platform governance and advance usage

Usage Analysis — 2 days

  1. Search Expert Training
  2. Requirements Analysis Training
  3. Adoption Methodologies Training
  4. Index Administration Training
  5. Search Analytics Crawler Implementation Training
  • Gain deep knowledge of indexed content
  • Troubleshoot acces issues
  • Identify best implementation practices

Content Development — 3 days

  1. Requirements Analysis Training
  2. Index Administration Training
  3. Content Integration Training
  4. Access Point Development Implementation Training
  5. Access Point Implementation Training
  • Basics on operation Coveo
  • Understanding varying integration scenarios
  • Solid understanding of indexing process
  • Know and use the development models: UI, Objects, Events

Coveo Platform — 4 days

  1. System Administration Package
  2. Content Development Package
  3. Content Crawler Development Training
  • Learn all Coveo Platform components
  • Understand varying user experiences
  • Solid understanding of indexing process
  • Platform governance and advance usage
  • Understand different integration scenarios
  • Know and use the development models: UI, Objects, Events

Get the most from Coveo

Our training packages are supported by print and electronic materials and are delivered by instructors who average 10 years of IT solution training and consulting experience.