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Coveo forOnline Experience

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar: engage your website visitors with powerful content search and a personalized experience.

Today’s customers know what they want, and they land on your website with very different levels of knowledge about your company and offering. You need to present these prospects with relevant content that fits their profile, to make their website experience more valuable and personal.

Why Coveo

Improve customer satisfaction by helping visitors quickly find the info they want


Increase website conversion rate by personalizing each user experience


Get to know your visitors better with analytics about search behavior

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Coveo for Sitecore

Discover how to improve the performance of your
Sitecore-based website through the power of Coveo.

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Coveo’s search and relevance technology brings relevant content from anywhere directly to website visitors.

Translation: we make your website rock with relevant content that your visitors relate to, so that they engage and do business with you!

Ensure that your visitors quickly and easily find the content most relevant to them, wherever it is located and without having to search for it! Coveo also enables website managers to easily configure ranking and navigation within any collection of content.

Coveo SmartFacets power personalized customer interactions by allowing visitors to easily find the content they want. Coveo SmartInsights recommend contextually relevant content from any set of systems you choose (e.g. catalogs, document repositories, secure databases).


Mash up information from anywhere in real time


Secure crawlers and connector framework


Integrate to your security system seamlessly


Let every user navigate and find content easily


Suggest the most context-relevant content from any source


Implement and deploy smoothly onto your existing systems

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2014 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year

It’s hard to draw a direct line between not finding content and customer satisfaction, but we knew from talking to departing members that search was a direct contributor to their overall experience. When members can’t find the content they need quickly, it’s less likely that they will stay engaged.
Stephen Smith, Chief Financial Officer, TSIA

From our users’ perspective, Coveo is a really powerful way to show our wealth of web content.
Fred Dews, Website Managing Editor, Brookings Institution