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Your intranet eats up your corporate information
and never gives it back?

Collective knowledge is a huge asset for companies, and yet, it generates poor returns unless employees can reuse it. You feel like SharePoint or your current intranet is doing the job? Then you don’t need Coveo. But if you want to reach the wealth of corporate information hidden in your intranet and enterprise systems, Coveo will do great things for you. Your time playing “Where’s Waldo?" is over.

Why Coveo

Make users more efficient at accessing all knowledge and finding relevant answers


Extract, synthesize and use information faster, based on the user context


Reach people’s collective knowledge for competitive advantage

Coveo’s technology connects, consolidates and contextualizes the knowledge from all your enterprise systems.

In plain English: we will fix your intranet mess quickly, help your users reach the right info and experts and make them more productive!

Coveo's powerful unified indexing engine securely reaches, consolidates, and correlates all your company’s data and information sources, wherever they are. You now have instant access to all the information in your SharePoint, ECM, databases, CRM, e-mails, communities, cloud content, and file servers from one single hub.

Coveo is the revolutionary enterprise search solution that organizes and transforms your company’s information into actionable, on-demand, and relevant knowledge for every worker and customer.


Mash up information from anywhere in real time


Secure crawlers and connector framework


Integrate to your security system seamlessly


Let every user navigate and find content easily


Locate experts who can help, via their past contributions


Implement and deploy smoothly onto your existing systems

Customer Success Stories

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If we are considering a new project to integrate data and information or set up new processes, IT reviews its ease of integration with Coveo to best leverage our investment. [Coveo] has become anessential tool.

Dietmar Wallner, Systems Administrator & Project Manager, Pöttinger

2014 Stevie Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year – Software – Content Management Solution

100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management - 2014