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Intuitive and compelling search dramatically improves the overall performance of websites, accelerating conversions and inspiring greater visitor engagement. Delight your site visitors with search and discovery experiences personalized to their unique preferences, delivering messages and product offers tailored to their own particular place in the customer journey.

With Coveo for Sitecore, your marketers can truly own the search experience, easily building and managing rich search-driven pages using familiar Sitecore Experience Platform™ tools. Fully integrated with the Sitecore Experience Database, Coveo for Sitecore - Enterprise Edition makes personalized, contextual website search a powerful and easy-to-manage driver of your website’s success.

Super-charge site performance, accelerate conversions, and delight visitors with personal, intuitive site search.

  • Engage each visitor with high-impact content, messaging, and product offers that are uniquely crafted to their profile and activity 
  • Deliver this same intuitive experience seamlessly across all mobile devices 
  • Empower your marketing team to own the experience with intuitive tools and actionable analytics & reporting

Advanced Search UI Configuration

Use Sitecore’s familiar Page & Content Editor tools to architect advanced search interfaces with easy-to-configure components including dynamic facets and multi-dimensional sorting. Easily configure pages that deliver “always current”, contextual content to visitors.

Agile Search Filtering and Tuning

A wizard-driven rules builder lets marketers swiftly tune the search results and search-driven content pages for each visitor, leveraging their Sitecore Experience Database profile and engagement history.

Optimized UI for Mobile Devices

Full support for responsive design and ready-to-deploy iOS and Android templates extend personalized, high-impact search experiences to all the devices your visitors use. Automated detection of smartphone and tablet browsers means your site search experience is always rendered in the optimal manner, keeping visitors consistently engaged.

Full Integration with Sitecore Experience Platform & Database (xDB)

  • Leverages the rich profile data within the Sitecore xDB, while feeding granular search activity data back into the Sitecore analytics engine to further enrich profiles
  • Library of easy-to-configure search UI modules, deployed quickly using the Sitecore toolkit
  • Portfolio of 40+ secure indexing connectors enables real-time integration of any enterprise system with the Sitecore Experience Platform

Full Sitecore Search Provider API Support

  • Make the switch from Lucene/Solr to Coveo for Sitecore quickly and easily
  • Utilize familiar development protocols, including Linq operators 
  • Focus on engaging visitors, not manually building and managing search experiences

Advanced Technology

  • JavaScript/HTML 5 UI builder with REST API support
  • Full support for broad range of JavaScript template engines
  • Full support for Sitecore Model-View Controller (MVC) architectural patterns 
  • Quick integration with existing websites regardless of framework – ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, Java, etc.

Search-Powered Customer Success

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Trend-Setting Product of the Year by KMWorld Magazine

2015 CUSTOMER magazine Product of the Year Award

Coveo is Proud to be an Official Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner

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