The capabilities you need to create great search experiences on your website.

Relevant search results

With support for over 25 document types (PDF, Office, etc.) and 40+ languages, Coveo for Sitecore indexes and unifies all your content to deliver the most relevant results in response to user queries, quickly and securely.

Self-learning, self-tuning search

Proactively offer advanced query suggestions and intelligent recommendations to your website visitors and automatically tune relevance to recommend the best content, every time. Coveo machine learning search service, understands visitor intent, continuously learning and improving its ranking algorithm based on successful search queries and user behavior.

Secure and scalable cloud service

Simplify your search deployment with the Coveo Cloud service. Say goodbye to maintenance and upgrades, latency issues and additional hardware. Our cloud-based indexing platform provides an elastic and secure infrastructure that scales automatically with demand.

Sitecore Commerce compatibility

Create the shopping experience your visitors expect. With Coveo, automatically provide visitors with contextually relevant offers and products based on their profile, behavior and the experiences of visitors like them, to increase cart conversions and positive outcomes.

Responsive design

Deliver high impact search throughout your site across all devices, with full-featured and customizable search interfaces, responsive design support and mobile templates. Use advanced features such as search facets and query suggestions to create an intuitive experience.

Ready-to-deploy connectors

Make all the relevant content site visitors need – from across your online properties and enterprise systems – easily accessible from your Sitecore site, with our 40+ ready-to-deploy, secure connectors for popular systems and applications such as WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Jive and Microsoft Dynamics.

Usage analytics

Fully integrated search usage analytics service, powered by Coveo Cloud, helps you map site KPIs to search activities, identify content gaps and optimize content relevance. Integrate search user activity directly with the Sitecore DMS or xDB and leverage xDB profiles and activity data to further personalize the user experience.

Fully integrated into Sitecore

Use the Sitecore Experience Platform’s administration tools and build rich search pages with Sitecore Page Editor, tune search and promote content using Sitecore Rules Engine, and manage search indexes and crawl schedules via Sitecore Index Manager all without IT’s help.

Productized solution

Accelerate and de-risk your deployment while lowering your total cost of ownership by leveraging a fully-productized search solution, available in the cloud and on-premises. Quickly configure search experiences for every device using your familiar Sitecore toolkit. Get your search solution up and running within minutes with the Cloud Edition.

Supported by experts

Rely on a fully-supported codebase and 24/7/365 live support delivered by Coveo search professionals who are Sitecore experts for your mission-critical systems. Stay on top of the latest developments with training and best practice resources for site managers, developers, and search teams.

Find the edition that's right for your business.

Coveo vs. the Alternatives

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