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Let your customers get the relevant content
they want—with a personalized search experience.

Trust in traditional business methods continues to decline, and in their place a new model is emerging. Just as Netflix replaced Blockbuster, and Wikipedia took over encyclopedias, your website needs to add reach and relevancy for your company to stay in the game.

Instead of everything and the kitchen sink, Coveo for Sitecore transforms website experiences by unleashing the power of your entire content ecosystem and ensuring that only relevant
content—highly valued by your visitor—is dynamically searched, filtered, presented and recommended based on each visitor’s unique context. From prospect engagement to sales enablement and customer self-service, Coveo Search & Relevance technology makes your website radically more efficient and relevant to your visitors, driving increased engagement, conversions and sales.

Coveo has really outdone themselves with this release. [...] Now, Marketers can truly own the search experience just like they can own all other customer experiences when they use Sitecore. Hat tip to Coveo.

Darren Guarnaccia, SVP of Product Marketing for Sitecore