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5 Ways to Upskill Your Agents with Search

Watch this webinar to learn the five ways search can upskill your agents, make them great at their job, and boost contact center performance. Using real-world examples and live demos, this webinar explores how unified, proactive search can transform your contact center.

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High Impact Search for Your Sitecore Website

Watch this webinar to learn about the options available for search on Sitecore websites, and how to build high-impact search into your site fast.

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2015 Trends: Improving KM Adoption & ROI in the Digital Workplace

Watch this discussion on the trends, priorities, and proven strategies you can use to improve search, collaboration, adoption, and ROI in your organization. You will hear expert analysis from APQC's KM Program Manager Lauren Trees and Coveo's Senior Vice President of Market Strategy Diane Berry.

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Boosting Contact Center Performance

Watch this webinar replay to learn how unified search and proactive content recommendations within Salesforce can raise agent productivity & contact center performance. This best practice session, with real-world examples & a demonstration will show you how Coveo for Salesforce - Service Cloud Edition.

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Creating Powerful Search Capabilities with Coveo and Sitecore

Watch this webinar to discover how our Free Version of Coveo for Sitecore provides intuitive and contextual search capabilities that can dramatically increase repeat visitors and engagement.

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Turn Your Salesforce Community into a Case Deflection Engine

Watch this webinar replay to learn how you can transform your Salesforce Community into a high-impact self-service channel & case deflection engine.

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Demo: Coveo for Salesforce

Watch this Demo of Coveo for Salesforce and learn why innovative companies like Rembrandt M&A and Salesforce use it to power their own success communities and support agent consoles.

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Boosting Your Customer Service KPIs: See How PDI & Others Did It

Watch this info-packed webinar to learn how PDI Inc. and other Coveo customers have harnessed the power of unified, contextual search to dramatically improve customer self-service and contact center performance.

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Rethinking the Corporate Intranet in the Age of Information Everywhere

Watch this webinar to discover how the right enterprise search solution can help your company succeed in our increasingly mobile, social, "Intranet of Everywhere" world.

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Break the Cycle of Customer Service Knowledge Management Failure

TSIA’s John Ragsdale and Coveo’s Diane Berry examine the main reason behind KM initiative failure, and discuss how your company can avoid making the same big mistake while launching your initiative faster than you thought possible. You’ll come away with new plans that will help you bolster service metrics, including case deflection, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and agent training & attrition. Explore how leading KM practitioners enhance the flow of information and expertise, and improve business performance.

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