White PaperIntelligent Site Search for CMOs

This white paper is intended to demonstrate why website search needs to be squarely on the strategy radar for top executives—right now. Why, in the words of one digital marketing leaders, you actually really do need the Ferrari, not the Chevy.

The answers are critically urgent for every Chief Marketing Officer in 2017 and looking ahead to 2020. In addressing these issues, we will zero-in on three key propositions:

  • Relevance: Today’s users expect the best information in context, every time, everywhere, on any device.
  • Intelligence: Delivering relevant content results only in the right context and at the right time
  • Lifetime Value: By actioning the insights Search provides, the opportunity exists to build highly relevant, exceptional content experiences that not only drive conversion, order value and retention, but ultimately close the loyalty and lifetime value loop
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Intelligent Site Search for CMOs

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