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Forrester Research Brief: Cognitive Search Is Ready To Rev Up Your Enterprise's IQ

Keyword search is obsolete. Cognitive search is the new watchword. We've gone far beyond the traditional search box with a simple list of results to cognitive search. That means less searching and more knowledge. Relevance is the key. This report helps application development and delivery (AD&D) pros understand how they can use cognitive search technology in their applications so that every employee and every customer can have the right information at the right time.

Customers Self-Serve As A First Point Of Contact For Customer Service

Your customers prefer to self-serve, and they’re turning to the web and mobile as the first point of contact for support. They expect easy access to the best information that will help resolve their issues. This Forrester report highlights how you can increase customer satisfaction through effective web and mobile self-service, and how self-service knowledge management can help to optimize content for your customers.

From Relevance Laggard to Leader: Becoming more relevant to your customers, communities and staff

The Coveo Relevance Maturity Model™ (CRMM™) will enable your organization to get a better understanding of where it ranks in relevance today and where it can be - with the proper people, processes and technology in place. Increasing the relevancy of your company’s collective knowledge makes sure that your customers and employees are empowered to make more informed purchasing and processing decisions.

Coveo’s machine-learning powered search promises relevance and business value

There are two things that aren’t going away anytime soon: the abundant growth of data and dealing with empowered customers. Can Coveo’s machine-learning-powered search change the game from basic retrieval to ensuring more contextual experiences?

Building Your Business Case for Better Self-Service

Making an investment to better your self-service experience requires careful thought to make sure you’re investing in the right areas. With this white paper, you will find assessment exercises, best practices and the necessary tools to build your business case for making self-service a priority.

The Path to Intelligent Self-Service

Imagine a world where your customers, partners and employees could do more for less effort. They want more autonomy, more personalized experiences, and more relevant information – at the click of a mouse. This may sound impossible but it’s easier to achieve than ever before, and it’s made possible with intelligent self-service.

Intelligent Site Search for CMOs

Anticipating and delivering relevance, personalizing site experiences and revealing individual content needs: today’s Intelligent Search is no longer a matter for IT and technology vendors to decide. It belongs squarely in the Chief Marketing Officer’s court.

Case Deflection and Self-Service Success

Self-service options are preferred when it comes to service and support, which is why offering great self-service has become the single biggest priority for support leaders around the globe. Customers want to be empowered to find the information they need so they can do more on their own and organizations want to be able to measure the impact of their self-service programs so they can continually improve. This eBook helps to meet both demands.

Guide to Mastering Intelligent Customer Service

Intelligent customer service helps organizations provide customers the service they need to access case-deflecting knowledge independently and conveniently, while transforming the efficiency of the enterprise service function. Our ebook is your guide to best practices, measuring and maximizing self-service success and boosting case deflection by up to 40%.

Guide to Building an Intelligent Workplace

Companies want to grow but they are discovering that there’s a shortage of talent with the relevant skills they need. This eBook shows you how to design an ideal intelligent workplace – using intelligent search – that taps on your existing talent pool and information sources to overcome the skills shortage.

Best Practices for Site Search

Sites that deliver great search experiences perform better: longer time-on-site, more repeat visitors, more conversions, and higher satisfaction. Learn about the key capabilities and smart approaches for delivering high-impact search on your Sitecore site.

Self-Service: Maximize Business Results by Helping Customers Help Themselves

Getting self-service right is tricky. Companies with Best-in-Class self-service programs see results such as a 16.2% annual increase in customer satisfaction rates and 5.8% annual improvement in agent utilization rates while these metrics worsen for others. Download this report and learn how Best-in-Class firms design and execute strategies that maximize returns from self-service programs.

The Business Value of Customer Self-Service: Happy Customers, Better Financials

Companies without self-service programs experience increased service costs, lose potential sales opportunities, and face erosion in their client base. Read this report to learn how contact centers with customer self-service programs outperform peers without it. The report focuses on the three categories of value-add companies observe by making successful use of self-service.

TSIA Report: Leveraging Analytics to Boost KM Success

Customer service leaders who are launching a new knowledge management initiative, considering a new customer self-service portal or community, or trying to keep a mature KM program going, should read this report to learn the three ways that analytics can drive success.

The Truth About Knowledge Rework and Its Impact

This survey report uncovers the surprising extent of knowledge rework and poor access to information in the workplace. It also explores the potential payoff for companies that address their knowledge access challenges.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search

For the second year in a row, Gartner has recognized Coveo as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search. Coveo is positioned furthest to the right for completeness of Vision, among a group of 15 other providers. Get your complimentary copy of the report for a detailed analysis of key differentiators across available technologies and vendors.

IDC Report: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information

According to new research by IDC, knowledge access remains a huge challenge for organizations. Read this IDC report to find out why enterprise search and content analytics are critical factors for unlocking the hidden value of information and delivering a successful IT strategy.

TSIA Report: The Value of Unified Search in Customer Service

Companies looking to improve customer self-service and optimize agent-assisted support should consider a unified search solution which delivers high ROI and specifically addresses the KM challenges faced by service organizations today. Read this report to learn why and how easy it can be to deploy a unified search solution.

How to Transform Your Customer Service with Intelligent Search & Salesforce

Successful omni-channel customer service and support requires that your customers and support analysts have swift and actionable access to the relevant knowledge they need. Find out how intelligent search technology is the only way to give your customers and employees secure, relevant role- and context-aware knowledge – and how it can increase CSAT and reduce your support costs by 25%.

Create The Intranet of Everywhere with Enterprise Search

In an era marked by increasingly empowered and mobile knowledge workers, the conventional intranet is no longer able to serve as the exclusive information resource and productivity hub. Learn how organizations can embrace the Intranet of Everywhere by deploying an intelligent search solution to addresses common user challenges.

Website Search Is Business Critical, and Marketers Should Own It

Search directly impacts the key site performance metrics companies care about. But in order to achieve this performance, marketing teams must own and manage the website search experience.

How Knowledge is Changing Customer Service

Effective customer service today requires that employees and customers have the ability to find the right information, the right knowledge, at the right time, every time regardless of channel.

Why Knowledge Management is Becoming a C-Level Discussion

Part 1 of  the "Driving Radically Better Returns on Collective Enterprise Knowledge in a Big Data World" series

Responding to customers with greater relevance and immediacy. Encouraging employee collaboration to mobilize the organization’s “collective brain power.” These were the top issues on the CEO’s agenda surfaced by an IBM global CEO study1 which garnered responses from 1,709 CEOs across 18 industries. While companies recognize the importance of harnessing customer insights and human capital to differentiate themselves from competitors, few have been successful in finding ways to capitalize on the resultant knowledge assets that reside within their companies. 

Why Traditional Knowledge Management Initiatives Fail to Enable the Long Tail of Collective Enterprise Knowledge

Part 2 of the "Driving Radically Better Returns on Collective Enterprise Knowledge in a Big Data World" series

Access to relevant knowledge, including the ability to reach the long tail of knowledge, is critical to the success of KM programs. This second installment in our “Driving Radically Better Returns on Collective Enterprise Knowledge in a Big Data World” white paper series discusses the reasons why traditional knowledge management initiatives are unsuccessful. It proposes a method to overcome the challenges identified and help organizations unlock collective knowledge assets to drive critical business priorities.

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