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Rethinking the Corporate Intranet in the Age of Information Everywhere

Explore how leading KM practitioners using engagement and collaboration to address targeted knowledge needs, enhance the flow of information and expertise, and improve business performance. Discover how KM pacesetters are able to create—and sustain—KM strategies and cultures in which engagement and collaboration thrive.

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Would Einstein Call You Insane? Break the KM Failure Cycle in Customer Service

TSIA’s John Ragsdale and Coveo’s Diane Berry examine the main reason behind KM initiative failure, and discuss how your company can avoid making the same big mistake while launching your initiative faster than you thought possible. You’ll come away with new plans that will help you bolster service metrics, including case deflection, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and agent training & attrition. Explore how leading KM practitioners enhance the flow of information and expertise, and improve business performance.

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The Power and Possibility of Search Driven Sitecore Websites

Powerful and intuitive search transforms how visitors engage with websites, and can dramatically improve a site’s performance. Join Sitecore and its strategic technology partner Coveo for this webinar on strategies for building exceptional, contextual, and easy-to-manage search experiences on your Sitecore website.

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New Practices for Dynamic Expertise Finding

Learn how far-flung teams at large, global leaders in energy management, healthcare, technology and finance are applying Big-Data principles to their collective enterprise knowledge. See how they are able to identify who knows what, when, and where it is relevant to them.

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Top Knowledge Management Trends of 2014

Traditional KM approaches (KBs, SharePoint, etc.) have failed to meet the challenges posed by Big Data, mobility, social media, and customer demands. That’s because the knowledge critical for customer service is everywhere, and new approaches are required to tap into its value. Listen to this high-impact 30-minute briefing with TSIA’s John Ragsdale and Coveo’s Louis Têtu to learn the trends that are shaping the knowledge management revolution.

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Coveo for Sitecore: Super-charge Search for Sitecore Websites

Discover how Coveo for Sitecore transforms website experiences by delivering contextually relevant and personalized content to visitors.

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Why Knowledge Tops the CEO Agenda

Join Coveo CEO Louis Têtu to learn the top 3 reasons why traditional KM has failed, and why CEOs have an urgent need to address it.

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How Search-Powered Knowledge Management Creates Competitive Advantage for a Fortune 50 Company

Discover how one Fortune 50 company uses Coveo search and relevance technology to drive innovation, boost productivity and become more competitive.

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SCRM + Contextual Knowledge = CRM for 2014 and beyond

If you’re not leveraging the collective knowledge available to your organization, you’re likely not at the level of “social” required to be completely relevant to your customers. And irrelevancy is, well, irrelevant. Not a place to be - for you or your customers.

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Introduction to Coveo for Salesforce

Learn how you can leverage your collective knowledge to drive relevance in this video overview and demo of Coveo for Salesforce. Coveo for Salesforce is the new, award-winning app that brings relevant information from multiple systems (SharePoint, Lithium, Twitter, Exchange, Gmail, Dropbox and many more) directly into Salesforce.

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Webinar: Transform Knowledge Management (30 minutes)

Watch this brief interactive on-demand webinar featuring Coveo’s Diane Berry & industry analyst John Ragsdale to learn how companies are contextualizing and personalizing information from anywhere right into their Salesforce UI to power customer service.

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Using Insight to Create Customer Centricity at CA Technologies

By putting their customers at the center of operations and leveraging insight, CA Technologies has transformed their operations. With insight, CA Technologies is able to facilitate global internal collaboration among their 13,000 employees, significantly reduce customer service issue resolution time in their contact center, and has increased customer satisfaction on their self-service website by 10%. Attend this Webinar to learn how they did it.

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