Beyond Solr: Why Free Isn’t Always The Cheapest Search Option

Wondering if you can build your own search engine? Coveo and Solr are intelligent search solutions used globally.

Both are reliable, highly customizable and great at scaling large volumes of content as well as data.

In this white paper, we explore important considerations for building with Apache Solr and examine the differences between it and Coveo.

While each has their advantages, they differ greatly in terms of features, implementation requirements and the manpower needed to maintain them.

3 crucial takeaways from this white paper:

  • An overview of Solr’s features and capabilities
  • The potential costs of building and maintaining your own intelligent search solution (do you have the time, talent and money?)
  • An implementation worksheet comparing Coveo and Solr - so you can easily see their differences!

Intelligent search can improve your site experience, unify your digital workplace, fuel employee productivity and boost conversion rates.

This research will help you and your team determine the best search solution for your enterprise.

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