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Coveo Intermediate Analytics


The goal of this class is to provide you with an in-depth insight on how to improve Self-Service success by finding and fixing Content Gap.

You will start by learning how to interpret the different Dimensions at your disposal to understand your Visitors. Next, you will gain an in-depth insight on how a Query is transformed into Search Results. In doing so, you will be able to analyse why a given Query may return no results, also known as Content Gap. As you will see, there is more to this topic than simply missing content. Finally, you will learn how to leverage that knowledge in order to effectively find and resolve these gaps.  4 HOURS  250


  • Understand the information the Coveo Platform gathers about your Visitors and how that information is structured
  • Apply that understanding in creating reports and filters that will give you insight on your Visitor behaviors
  • Understand how a Query is transformed into search results
  • Apply that understanding in creating advanced Query Pipeline Conditions and identifying Content Gap
  • Understand what can cause a Content Gap and what are the techniques at your disposal to resolve them
  • Apply that understanding in fixing Content Gap

Course Agenda

Introduction, housekeeping and setting up for the class

10 minutes

The Big Picture – This course in 3 big ideas

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Understanding the Visit | Understanding the Query Flow and Search Events | Finding and Fixing Content Gap

20 minutes

Understanding the Visit

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Visit Dimensions and Metrics | Visit Id vs User Id | Using the Visit Browser

40 minutes

The Query Flow

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Query Parameters | How a query is transformed into search results | What can cause a query to return no results

40 minutes


20 minutes

Understanding Search Events

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Search Dimensions and Metrics | Search Cause | Viewing Analytics Events

40 minutes

Finding Content Gap

LEARNING ELEMENTS: What can cause a Content Gap | How to identify a Content Gap | Suggested Methodology

40 minutes

Solving Content Gap

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Tools and techniques at your disposal

40 minutes


10 minutes

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