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Coveo Basic Analytics


Understand how to measure the success of your Coveo search solution, monitor user behaviors and evaluate performance using Coveo Usage Analytics. Learn how to identify areas to optimize and improve the search experience.  4 HOURS  250.00 USD


  • Analytics Vocabulary
  • Analytics Navigation
  • Success Metrics
  • Optimization
  • Search Cause Analytics

Course Agenda

Overview and introductions

10 minutes

Coveo Analytics Terminology

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Events | Dimensions | Metrics | Demo: Visit Browser

20 minutes

Analytics Navigation

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Menus | Dashboards | Demo: View Dashboard Functionality

60 minutes

Search Success Factors

LEARNING ELEMENTS:Common Success Metrics/Goals | Demo: Results & Suggestions

30 minutes


LEARNING ELEMENTS: Query Pipeline Features | Thesaurus, Featured Results | Ranking Expressions, Triggers | A/B Testing, Reveal, Query Suggestions, ART | Demo: All Query Pipeline Features

60 minutes

Visit Browser

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Search Cause Analysis

30 minutes


30 minutes

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