Your Roadmap to Knowledge Management Transformation with TSIA

Durée : 60 minutes


John Ragsdale

VP Recherche, technologie et social, TSIA

Bonnie Chase

Gestionnaire senior, marketing chez Coveo

Knowledge management and search strategies are bowing to the twin demands of customers and support agents. Why? Search fatigue. This year, organizations are focused on content findability.

This year organizations will tackle the complexities of a KM transformation but they must overcome numerous hurdles: content that supports multiple intents, living in siloed content sources. With limited time and resources, where do you begin? With content, search, or something else? There’s a lot to consider.

This session will share insights on the people, processes, and technology that are key to a knowledge transformation and best practices including:

  • Who should be involved in the knowledge transformation process
  • How to identify and prioritize the most important content
  • When to bring search into the equation
  • Case study example of success
  • Why you should be considering search this year
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