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MVP Sitecore User Group


We will still have the same great content, analysis and unique-to-you insights on the future of Coveo that we planned for SUGCON plus we will also be sharing some information on our new-to-the-market offering with Sitecore. During the webinar you will be taken through:

  • Why Coveo has invested in Sitecore and the MVP community
  • What we want to achieve together
  • What resources are available to you
  • The position and the long term vision of Coveo
  • The interaction between Coveo’s different ML capabilities
  • How you can leverage your existing Sitecore data to influence Coveo ML behaviour


Influencing Coveo Machine Learning with Sitecore xDB Data
Presented By: Aljosa Asanovic, Product Manager - Coveo for Sitecore


AS A THANK YOU for attending we will send you a ONE-OFF MVP COVEO SWAG PACK directly to your door!

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