A Service and Support Demo On-Demand: Deliver Consistent Experiences Across Digital Applications Using AI

Durée : 50 mins

Support teams are playing catchup with digital-first customers and their expectations for a connected and consistent service experience. That’s why leading service organizations are leveraging AI to predict customers’ needs and to personalize their service journey across all channels.

In this live demo session, learn how Coveo can help transform your service experience by increasing self-service success and empowering support engineers with the most relevant case-resolving knowledge.

With native integrations into leading service applications such as Salesforce and ServiceNow, Coveo AI powered-search and recommendations can help you:

  • Boost and measure case deflection by providing proactive content recommendations through the case creation process
  • Increase support engineer productivity by empowering them with the most relevant information related to the case-at-hand in one view, wherever that content resides
  • Leverage rich analytics to identify content gaps and easily spot emerging trends