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AI & Service Transformation

Presented By:

Bonnie Chase

Gestionnaire senior, marketing chez Coveo

Airdre Knox

General Manager, Customer Systems

Justin Ramage

Senior Manager, Tools and Technology

AI enables growth, scale and actionable insights to plan forward.

Digital first and customer-centric thinking is how your service organization will adapt, scale and help your company compete in today’s economy. Service leaders like you are adapting and investing while cutting costs AND delivering exceptional service experiences that customers expect. 

Learn how companies like Blackberry and Xero are transforming their service experiences by:

  • Adopting emerging technologies early to future-proof their service experiences
  • Leaning hard on data and analytics to learn and proactively solve for what customers need before they know they need it
  • Expanding their use of data and AI to ensure they are serving people, not personas at every digital touchpoint across the customer journey

See how data and AI accelerate agent proficiency and drive more self-service engagement. 

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