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Coveo for Salesforce
App Cloud

Extend the power of AI search to any custom-built app

A search experience as unique as your business

Empower users with relevant knowledge and make them more proficient by suggesting the best information in the context of their app

Build AI-powered search into the core of your App Cloud

Deliver relevant content to your employees, partners, customers and agents by placing Coveo app components into your custom app.  Use the pre-built components to build on the Lightning UI framework or in Visualforce by simply installing the Coveo package from the AppExchange.

Make Your Enterprise and CRm Data More Accessible

Power even more relevant customer experiences that reach beyond traditional sales, service and marketing use cases.  Coveo's flexible JS UI builder provides a powerful set of tools to create visually compelling search pages that deliver relevant information powered by Coveo Machine Learning.

Extend Machine Learning to any Form Factor

Bring AI-powered search to any App Cloud, in any form factor -- desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.  Easily customize and preview your search-enabled app before you deploy and watch as adoption soars.

Unlimited Use Cases

Build people finder apps for employees. Customize an HR portal to identify the best job applicants based on skills and past work history. Create an alumni portal so past classmates can connect and find jobs. The possibilities are limitless.

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