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Coveo Intermediate Analytics


The Coveo Intermediate Analytics training course is designed to teach participants how to utilize the Analytics features to maximize user adoption and improve search success. It will also cover more indepth topics compared to the Coveo Basics Analytics course to help refine self-service success, agent adoption and content gap metrics and tuning search behaviors for more relevant results. This course will provide you the needed insights and skills to move your Coveo solution up The Coveo Relevance MaturityTM Model scale from being reactive to proactive to predictive.  4 HOURS  250


  • Review of Coveo Basic Analytics course
  • Dashboard and Explorer creation
  • Dashboard templates
  • Creating and managing query pipelines
  • Creating pipeline Conditions
  • Creating and deploying query pipeline rules
  • Key metrics of self-service and case deflection success
  • Machine learning models and their requirements

Course Agenda

Introduction Overview

10 minutes

Review Coveo Basic Analytics main topics

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Terminology | Pipelines| Reports

20 minutes

Interactive Exercise

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Setup filters, dimensions, conditions | Build reports | Export data

60 minutes

Analyze data using the Visit Browser

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Case deflection | Self-Service Success | Content Gap analysis

30 minutes


10 minutes

Determine actions based on analysis of:

User search behaviors | Relevance scoring | Trends

50 minutes

Interactive Exercise

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Create pipeline rules | Set up Coveo Machine Learning models | Review A/B Test results

60 minutes


10 minutes

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