Coveo Intermediate Analytics


The goal of this class is to provide you with deep dive into the concepts and mechanics behind the Coveo Usage Analytics.

Learn how to leverage that in-depth knowledge to resolve the most common obstacle to self-service success. Content Gaps, or search that returns no results.

By taking this course, you will learn:

  • - How to define Self-Service Success at a basic level
  • - The main Dimensions and Metrics used to describe a visitor and a Search Event
  • - How to leverage these main Dimensions in reports and in the Visit Browser
  • - How a Query is transformed into search results
  • - What are Query Parameters and how to use them to create sophisticated Query Pipeline Conditions
  • - What are Content Gaps, what can cause them and how you can identify them
  • - How to resolve Content Gaps using Query Pipelines
  • - How to use the advanced Query Parameters Query Pipeline Rule
 4 HOURS  250


  • Key Concept: Detailed explanation behind Visit and Search Dimensions and Metrics
  • Query Pipeline: Query Parameters Rules, Partial Match, Thesaurus Use Cases
  • Query: Query Processing workflow and Query Parameters

  Virtual Class


Course Agenda

Day 1


Description: The goal of this class and setting up for the lab environment.

The Big Picture

Description: What are the 3 big ideas behind this class. What is the basic definition of Self-Service Success. What is a Content Gap and how does it impact Self-Service Success.

Understanding the Visit

Description: What are the key Dimensions and Metrics available to understand the Visitor. How to use the Visit Browser with inclusion and exclusion Filters. What are the distinction between the User Id, User Name and Visitor Id Dimensions

The Query Flow

Description: What is the process through which a Query is transformed into search results. What are the board steps and why it matters to you as an analyst. What are Query Parameters and how they can be leveraged to create powerful Query Pipeline Conditions. What are the Advanced and Constant Query Parameters and how do they relate to action taken on your search interface.

Day 2

Understanding Search Events

Description: What are the key Dimensions and Metrics behind Search Events. What is the Search Cause Dimension and how can it be used to gain further insight on how your visitor are using your search interface.

Finding and Fixing Content Gap

Description: What are Content Gap and what can cause them. What is the relationship between Query Parameters and Content Gap. What are the broad steps to identify the root cause of a Content Gap. How can you design reports that will help you find Content Gap and identify their root causes.

Solving Content Gap

Description: What are the solutions to the most common root causes for Content Gap. What are the available tools to fix certain type of Content Gap. What is the Query Parameter Query Pipeline Rule and how can it be used.


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