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Coveo Fundamentals


The goal of this class is to provide you with an overview of the Coveo Platform and its key features.

Learn the fundamental elements of the Coveo Platform, what they can be used for and the core concepts underlying them.

By taking this class, you will learn:

  • - How does the Coveo Platform define Relevance
  • - What are the main features of the Coveo Platform
  • - How does these features interact with one another to create Relevance
  • - How does each of these features works at a high-level
  • - An overview view of: Indexing, the Coveo Search Interface, Usage Analytics, Relevance Tuning (Query Pipelines), Machine Learning


  • Coveo Relevance Maturity Model
  • Secured and Unified Index, an overview of the indexing process
  • Content navigation, an overview of the Coveo Search Interface Framework
  • Tunable Relevabce, an overview of the Query Pipeline feature
  • Usage Analytics with the Coveo Platform, an overview - Introduction to the Machine Learning features

Course Agenda




Description: Learn the concept of Relevance and how that concept is approached in the Coveo Platform.

The Coveo Platform

Description: Learn what are the main building blocks of the Coveo Platform and how they interact with one another.

Secured and Unified Ranking

Description: Learn how the Coveo Platform extract content from your system at an high-level. In addition, learn what the Coveo Platform does to create a Secured and Unified format for all your content

Content Navigation

Description: Learn how the Coveo Platform leverage its Secured and Unified format to build an empowering search experience.

Usage Analytics

Description: Learn the key concept behind the Platform Usage Analytics features. In addition, gain an overview of the reporting capacities of the Platofrm.

Tunable Relevance

Description: Learn more about how you can use the Coveo Platform to refine the relevance of the search experience of each of your audiences. Spoiler, no configuration files or XML required

Machine Learning

Description: Learn more about the Machine Learning features of the Coveo Platform. Notably, learn what they can do to automatically improve the relevance of the experience for your audiences.


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