Coveo Basic Analytics


The goal of this course is to provide you with an overview of the usage analytics tools of the Coveo Platform.

Learn the basics on how you can gain an in-depth understanding of your visitors and the features you can use to act on that insight.

By taking this course, you will learn:

  • - The key concepts behind usage analytics in the Coveo Platform
  • - How to build reports and export data
  • - How to influence the search experience with Query Pipeline
  • - How to deploy the Machine Learning feature
  • - How to set-up a basic performance benchmark with A/B Test
  •  4 HOURS  250.00 USD


  • Key Usage Analytics Concepts: Events, Dimensions, Metric and Filters
  • Reporting Tools: Dashboard, Visit Browser and Data Export
  • Query Pipelines: Rules (Thesaurus, Stop Words, Ranking Expression, Featured Results, Triggers) and Conditions
  • Machine Learning: Model Types, A/B Test

Course Agenda

Day 1


Description: What is the role of usage analytics in creating a personalized experience. Overview of the course structure.

The Big Picture

Description: What are the 3 big ideas covered in this class and how they can be used to usage analytic cycle. What are the 3 categories of tools that analyst can use to create a personalized experience.

Key Concepts

Description: What are the fundamentals concepts underlying usage analytics. What is the relationship between Events, Dimensions and Metrics. How does these concepts impacts the design and use of reports.

Day 2

Understand, Reports and Dashboards

Description: What are the different types of reports available and how to build them. What are the basic principles when building reports. How can you follow a visitor journey along your interfaces. What are the data exporting options available.

Act, Query Pipeline

Description: What are Query Pipleine and how they contribute to making your experience more relevant. What are the Rules available to impact the relevance of the experience. How to create basic Condition to control the flow of your Rules.

Automate, Introduction to Machine Learning

Description: What are the basic concepts behind the Coveo Platform Machine Learning feature. What type of automation can it perform. What is a Machine Learning model and what are the types available. What are the basics behind benchmarking the performance of two Query Pipelines.


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