Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deliver more personalized and relevant experiences within Dynamics 365 and beyond.

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Embrace the Power of Relevance

Deliver more relevant content to your support team and customers and witness the results - increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Obtain a single unified view of your content regardless of where it resides

Coveo can help create a truly unified and seamless search experience for all customer service agents by connecting all content from across the organisation. Content sources such as Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Lithium can all be searchable within Dynamics with over 30 pre-built connectors.

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Automatically learn and improve the experience for every user

Coveo's machine learning algorithms learn from search experiences that lead to successful outcomes, and automatically tune results to optimize for relevance.

Machine Learning Cycle

Recommend content and guide users to what they need next

Leveraging the power of machine learning and usage analytics, Coveo can predict and suggest the right content for each user, not only to meet their query terms, but also to guide them to what they will need next, even if they don’t even know it yet. This shortcuts time to resolution for support staff and creates better outcomes for customers.

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Easily customizable so that you can build a more personalized user experience

The Coveo Interface Editor allows you to easily configure the search experience for your agents, and lets you create tailored faceting and search layouts that best match your data and your needs.


Gain insight into user activity and behavior

Coveo’s extensive usage analytics and intuitive dashboarding capabilities can help you better understand what people are searching for and identify content gaps to drive continuous improvement.

User Analytics

Delivers measurable business results and customer service improvements

Coveo’s contextualized Case Insight Console within Dynamics automatically recommends relevant content based on case details so that knowledge and insight become a part of every customer support interaction. By helping agents find what they need, organizations can measurably increase customer and agent satisfaction, and reduce case resolution time.


The word around here is that Coveo is genius: it’s been a lifesaver for our support agents already, and we’re continuing to see new benefits

Patty Leino
Senior Support Service Manager at Tyler Technologies

Quickly and easily increase the value of your CRM investment

Your Dynamics and external source data can be searchable in Coveo within less than 1 hour with minimal development effort.


Seamless integration with the Microsoft technology stack

Create a transparent user experience with Coveo’s AI-powered capabilities that are available directly from the Microsoft Dynamics built-in global search box.

Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics

Avanade has had great success delivering digital customer experiences centered around Coveo search

Florin Rotar
SVP Digital Platforms, Services & Offerings at Avanade

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