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Media Industry

Media consumption has gone digital and staying relevant is more important than ever. Targeting your viewers with the information they're looking for will keep you top of mind. Proactively recommending the information they'll want next puts you in a league of your own.

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ChallengeIt's difficult to stand out from competitors

Every day presents a new way for customers to interact with media and connect with like-minded consumers on digital platforms. Your audience is inundated with information on a daily basis. If your platform doesn't offer an easy-to-use and contextual experience, they will get their information elsewhere.
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SolutionOffer a relevant end-to-end experience

From the moment your visitor decides to engage with your content, they're expecting to be wowed. Machine learning makes this possible. Learn about who they are, learn from the behaviors of your audience and proactively recommend content that is contextual to them and set yourself apart from the competition.
problem - maze

ChallengeI can't tell if my content resonates with my audience

A lack of data makes it difficult to track content consumption, sentiment analysis and information gaps. Often times, even with the data, it is impossible to manually comb through it all to understand what your audience enjoys and finds most helpful.
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SolutionKnow the needs of your audience

Your audience tells you something about them every time they engage with your content. Coveo's usage analytics help to better track consumption, behaviors and trends and provides valuable insight that can inform business-critical decisions.
problem - maze

ChallengeMy audience is not engaged

If you don’t know what your customers want, what they're searching for and what the outcomes are, you will continue to struggle to keep them engaged. Without that insight, it’s impossible to fully satisfy them and if they're not satisfied, they will not be active.
solution - maze

SolutionOptimize your customer communities

It's not enough to just create content. It needs to be created with the context and intent of your visitors in mind and delivered at their fingertips the moment it's needed. This level of personalization and accessibility makes it easier for them to share and encourages community discussion.

Coveo is here to help

Staying ahead of the competition in an ever-changing industry requires more than a quality product.

From helping customers find the right data every time, to giving your team deep insight into customer behavior and usage patterns, Coveo is ready to help.

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