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Energy & Utilities Industry


This is a period of transformation in the energy & utilities industry, and customers have more choices than ever before. Rather than participate in the downward spiral of lower and lower prices and even slimmer margins, you can differentiate based on knowledge of your customers and excellence in customer service. It starts with using data to understand customers' needs and creating a contextually relevant experience that exceeds their expectations.

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ChallengeCustomer retention rates are too low

From mobile applications to social media, customers are going everywhere including your website to find the crucial information they need. A disparate customer experience and a lack of a robust web presence leads to frustration and poor renewal rates.
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SolutionEmpower customers with a personalized website

Personalize the delivery of content to each customer, in the context of their query, across your platforms. Coveo's website solution uses machine learning to continuously learn from the crowd to gauge what will help each customer successfully self-serve.
problem - maze

ChallengeCustomers want to solve issues with minimal frustration

Customers prefer the fastest, most effortless path to solve their issue which leads them to your self-service portal. Despite their increasing demands and expectations, many legacy self-service portals still lack the ability to connect and surface relevant knowledge customers are seeking.
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SolutionCreate an efficient customer support community

Coveo's AI-powered search technology can proactively recommend the content customers need to solve their issues. By unifying multiple content sources in your self-service community or online help pages, customers can self-serve at a fraction of the cost of assisted support.
problem - maze

ChallengeIt's hard to keep up with innovation when employees are so siloed

Capitalizing on the rapid shifts in the energy industry, from customers' expectations of more diverse energy sources to real-time load demand forecasting, requires sharing information and knowledge across departments and more rapidly than ever before.
solution - maze

SolutionEmpower your teams with an intelligent intranet

Deliver a customizable enterprise experience that unifies relevant information from across all your disparate information sources. An intelligent intranet empowers your employees to make more informed decisions and handle more complex tasks by providing them with the right content at the right time.

Coveo is here to help

Staying ahead of the competition in an ever-changing industry requires more than a quality product.

From helping customers find the right data every time, to giving your team deep insight into customer behavior and usage patterns, Coveo is ready to help.

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