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The corporate image of Coveo is copyrighted and should be used according to the Coveo Style Guide document to preserve the integrity of Coveo’s visual identity.

About Coveo

Making business personal.

Coveo uses intelligent search and AI technologies to personalize every digital experience for customers, partners, dealers, and employees. Coveo combines unified content, unified interactions and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, ecommerce, contact centers and intranets effortless, efficient and content-rich.

Coveo is also embedded in many leading business applications from vendors including Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Sitecore, Xero and more. Coveo partners with the world’s largest enterprise technology players and has more than 1,500 activations in mid-to-large sized global organizations across multiple industries.

For more information, visit and follow our blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Coveo is a trademark of Coveo Solutions, Inc.