About Lynda Moulton

Lynda Moulton is a Senior Analyst and a Consultant in enterprise search for Outsell’s Gilbane Group. She has over 30 years of experience as a professional searcher, and search and content system technology architect. Her principal focus is studying search technologies for the purpose of advising enterprises on their search options and implementation strategies. Her early career was as an information specialist at Union Carbide and Arthur D. Little. In 1980 she founded Comstow Information Services, which developed the BiblioTech® software for total enterprise content management. Lynda also consults at LWM Technology Services on knowledge management strategies with a focus on metadata management and taxonomies for content behind the firewall. She is active as a leader in the Boston Knowledge Management Forum, which holds semi-monthly meetings. Case work and writings can be found at http://www.lwmtechnology.com.