Coveo Fundamentals


The goal of this class is to get you started with the Coveo Platform. First, you will learn about why relevancy drives the digital business experience, what the Coveo Relevance MaturityTM Model is and the main components of the Platform. Then, you will learn how each of these components contributes in creating a relevant search experience for your audiences.

This session is designed for anyone starting a Coveo search implementation project or anyone who wishes to learn about the basic features and functionalities of Coveo.  2 HOURS  FREE


  • Overview of the Coveo Cloud Platform
  • Coveo cloud administration console
  • User management and privileges
  • Adding content to the Coveo Platform
  • Building blocks of a Search Page
  • Tuning the search experience with Query Pipelines
  • Coveo Analytics overview
  • Machine learning overview



Course Agenda


5 minutes

Why Relevance, Why Coveo

5 minutes

Coveo Platform, Relevance at Scale

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Coveo Relevancy Model | Coveo Platform overview

5 minutes

Introducing Coveo Cloud Organization

LEARNING ELEMENTS: User management | Members, groups and privileges | Demo: Adding new administrator

10 minutes

Indexing, Secured and Unified

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Sources | Coveo Items | Fields | Demo: Adding new content

15 minutes

Empowering Content Navigation

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Tabs | Facets | Sorting | Demo: Adding components to a search page

25 minutes

Tuning Contextual Relevance

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Query pipelines | Search Optimization | Demo: Query pipeline rules and conditions

15 minutes

Analyzing Behavioral Data

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Overview and concepts | Demo: Visit Browser | Demo: Dashboard

15 minutes

Machine Learning

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Overview and concept

10 minutes

The Journey Begins

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Additional materials

5 minutes


10 minutes

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