Coveo Platform Administration


Learn the tools and technologies that define the Coveo Platform. Understand unified indexing and the components of a Coveo item. Configure indexing pipelines to integrate with the Coveo index.
Designed for administrators responsible for maintaining the Coveo application and for Developers who need an introduction to the Coveo administration tools.  12 HOURS  750.00 USD



Course Agenda

Session #1: Deploying & Crawling

Learn the tools and technologies that define the Coveo Platform. Get a clear understanding of the meaning “Content into Context” and “Unified Indexing”. Understand what is a Coveo Document and how it sustains a Search Experience. Configure basic Indexing Pipelines that will allow you to get a firm grip on integrating content within the Index.

Introductions and Agenda: Training Scenario, Training Material

20 minutes

Platform Components & Tools

40 minutes

Indexation Essentials: Defining a Coveo Document, What are Indexing Pipelines

30 minutes


10 minutes

Data Crawling with Indexing Pipelines: Source Management, Content Browsing, Security

40 minutes

Data Crawling with Indexing Pipelines: LABs for Web Crawling, File Crawling, Salesforce Crawling, Community Crawling

45 minutes

Session #2: Configuring and Contextualizing

Learn how to use the integration points within an Indexing Pipeline to customize a Coveo Document. Learn how to formulate proper queries. Learn how relevancy works and the means at your disposition to optimize the search experience.

Data Fields with Converter API: Conversion Process, Conversion Object API

40 minutes

Data Fields with Converter API: LABs for Literal Fields, Metadata Fields, Script Fields

60 minutes


10 minutes

Search Semantics and Relevance Essentials: Search Guidance, Operators and Profiling

40 minutes

Querying Essentials: Components and Steps

15 minutes

Optimizing with Query Pipelines: LABs for Expansion and Ranking

90 minutes

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