Coveo Platform Administration


For Developers, Functional Architects using Coveo for Salesforce.  8 HOURS  500.00 USD



Course Agenda

Session #1: Deploying & Crawling

Learn the tools and technologies that define the Coveo Platform. Get a clear understanding of the meaning “Content into Context” and “Unified Indexing”. Understand what is a Coveo Document and how it sustains a Search Experience. Configure basic Indexing Pipelines that will allow you to get a firm grip on integrating content within the Index.

Introductions and Agenda: Training Scenario, Training Material

20 minutes

Platform Components & Tools

40 minutes

Indexation Essentials: Defining a Coveo Document, What are Indexing Pipelines

30 minutes


10 minutes

Data Crawling with Indexing Pipelines: Source Management, Content Browsing, Security

40 minutes

Data Crawling with Indexing Pipelines: LABs for Web Crawling, File Crawling, Salesforce Crawling, Community Crawling

45 minutes

Session #2: Configuring and Contextualizing

Learn how to use the integration points within an Indexing Pipeline to customize a Coveo Document. Learn how to formulate proper queries. Learn how relevancy works and the means at your disposition to optimize the search experience.

Data Fields with Converter API: Conversion Process, Conversion Object API

40 minutes

Data Fields with Converter API: LABs for Literal Fields, Metadata Fields, Script Fields

60 minutes


10 minutes

Search Semantics and Relevance Essentials: Search Guidance, Operators and Profiling

40 minutes

Querying Essentials: Components and Steps

15 minutes

Optimizing with Query Pipelines: LABs for Expansion and Ranking

90 minutes

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