Coveo for Sitecore Administration


Building up on Coveo Fundamentals, this course empowers non-developers to leverage the features of Coveo for Sitecore and to help improve the search experience for their audiences. No coding required! In addition, this course will help you make the transition from the development team to operation team by ensuring the autonomy of the latter in the daily tasks of managing Coveo for Sitecore.  12 HOURS  750.00 USD


  • Installing Coveo for Sitecore
  • Architecture of Coveo for Sitecore
  • Navigating the Coveo Cloud Admin Console
  • Indexing Sitecore Content with Coveo
  • Adding External Content to a Coveo Cloud Organization
  • Building a Coveo Search Page in Sitecore
  • Managing the Coveo Search Experience
  • Using Coveo for Sitecore with Sitecore XDb
  • Coveo for Sitecore Specifics Configuration for the Coveo Cloud Admin Console



Course Agenda

Day 1



30 minutes

Revisiting Key Sitecore Concepts

30 minutes

Coveo Cloud Organization

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Access | User Management | Group Management

60 minutes

Indexing with Coveo and External Content

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Building your Indexes | Exploring Indexed Content | Indexing Page Content | Fields Management | Adding External Content

120 minutes

Day 2

Building a Search Page in Coveo for Sitecore

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Basic Search Page | Integrating Coveo in an Layout | Coveo components | Building a Search Page using Coveo Data Source components | Facet | Sort | Tab

180 minutes

Managing the Search Experience

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Debug Panel | Query Ranking | Boosting part 1

60 minutes

Day 3

Managing the Search Experience

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Boosting part 2 | Filtering | Filter Expression | Adding External Content to a Page

90 minutes

Leveraging Sitecore XDb and Coveo for Sitecore

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Coveo components and Audiences | Search results and components | Automatic Boosting

90 minutes

Coveo for Sitecore Specific Configuration

LEARNING ELEMENTS: Usage Analytics | Query Pipelines | Machine Learning

60 minutes

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