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Flexible UIs Inject Relevant, Contextual Knowledge When and How the User Requires

Coveo has assembled a robust set of User Interfaces that enable each user to see what they need, at the point they need it, presented into their way of working. From the Insight Console to an API enabling your most-used system—such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Sitecore or any other—Coveo enables you to engage with contextually relevant knowledge from any system, or within our own UI.

Crossing your fingers when you search doesn’t provide you with context-aware knowledge or relevance


Insight Console™

This configurable and role‑specific interface supports the search and navigation, correlation and analysis of information, regardless of where it is stored and ultimately giving users the right context into customers, products, projects and experts.


Floating Desktop Searchbar

Users can “search where they work” with a search bar floating above virtually any application on the desktop. This client‑side application lets users quickly and easily search and find content & experts without having to open their browser. It also provides the ability to configure what will index from their own desktop.


Outlook Sidebar

Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, users can quickly see, search & navigate information related to the current‑selected email or any email located in the inbox, subfolder or archives. They can also search for emails, files, people, and in combination with information from any other indexed system – all without leaving Outlook. Additionally, this feature automatically displays all the information available on the sender/recipient, the messages exchanged and documents shared with this person.


Mobile UI

Developed with out‑of‑the‑box mobile search interfaces (both app‑ and browser‑based) that detect and optimize for the small size of smartphone or tablet display, allowing on‑demand search and access to the enterprise knowledge on your mobile devices from wherever you work. The User Interface is compatible with iOS and Android browsers.


Integration with Leading WCMs

Enables a virtual integration layer between your WCM and all your company’s key knowledge sources allowing rich and dynamic web personalization without requiring heavy integration or content importation. This transforms your website into a highly desired Customer Experience Management (CXM) ecosystem. Connect Coveo with: Sitecore, SharePoint, and SDL Tridion to provide secure connectivity for live indexing and insight.


Integration with Leading CRMs

Automatically bring relevant case-resolution and account intelligence and Subject Matter Experts into the user’s view without ever leaving the CRM. This enables your CRM to become the ultimate hub for all information access related to your customers’ lifecycle. Connect Coveo with: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and simply add value to your existing customer relationship management tool.

Coveo delights users with intuitive, conversational UI feature innovations



Enables the user to filter results through highly configurable tools empowering the user to control the relevance of his or her information. Users can select multiple facet values dynamically and get instant changes in the result list. This innovative technology enables better, more agile decision making and dynamically allow users to take advantage of at‑a‑glance graphical views driven by the computed results.


  • Search-As-You-Type
  • Sort-By Fields
  • Search& Navigation
  • Computed Values
  • AND/OR Mode

Search Bar™

Provides multi-session search queries by assimilating meaningful context resumption and information re-finding without having to open a browser.


  • Suggest-As-You Type
  • Auto Correct
  • OmniSearch

Results Export

Results can be downloaded and opened in Excel. Administrators can select which metadata to include in the export.


Advanced Nested Queries

Advanced navigation through related content facilitates search and correlation across unstructured and structured data.

With Coveo, relevance is in your hands – not a black box


Audience UI Management

Administrator can define multiple audiences and assign specific UIs to them.


Interface Editor

For each User Interface, an administrator can configure Results Templates, CSS, Facets, Sort-keys, and other parameters based on the users’ needs.



Administration APIs allow custom development and integration of the administration functions into external systems.


Web-Based Administration UI

Simple, Web-based user interface for easy enterprise search administration.


Monitoring/Email Alerts

Different system conditions are monitored and email alerts can be sent to report important system events, such as disk space running low.


Role-Based Management

The main system administrator can delegate partial administration permissions based on roles (interface designer, system administrator, collection administrator, etc.).