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Radically Increase Your Return on Knowledge with the Coveo Advanced Relevance Engine

At the heart of our platform, Coveo’s Advanced Relevance Engine recognizes and understands the user’s context and delivers relevant knowledge into the context of every user and customer, injecting real-time actionable insights for every decision or transaction, by connecting people to contextual content, and through that content, to relevant people.

The power of our relevance engine is built with insightful, relevant tools


Query Ranking Expressions

For each UI, administrators can configure specific ranking rules, based on context and result sets. This can be used to promote content based on profile attributes of the current user, such as locations, history, languages, and roles.


Collaborative/Social Ranking

Click-through data and manual document rating are used in relevance calculations. This is automatically shared among colleagues based on security group membership (showing social proximity).



Languages are automatically identified at indexing time, improving content processing and relevance algorithms.


Automatic Query Correction

The spelling of the search queries is checked against the index content in order to suggest proper spelling even for words that are not normally part of general dictionaries (examples: internal project codes, scientific terms, personal names, etc.).



The administrator can create a thesaurus and link it to the query. Thesauruses can be created from scratch or imported from existing lists.



Variations of a keyword, including plural and adjective/noun/verb word endings, are treated as synonyms, to broaden the search when required.


Top Results

Administrators can assign specific results to appear at the top of the list for specific queries.

Usage Analytics enriches relevance to further contextualize knowledge and provide actionable insights


Search Analytics

Provides valuable information about visitor and user search behavior, content usage (top queries), and gaps in content (unsuccessful queries).


Advanced Query Analytics

Captures data on all user interactions with the enterprise search interfaces, including result click-through and the use of different enterprise search UI functions. The reporting interface allows administrators to analyze the captured data, to elevate the most popular results, or to select the correct result for given queries.


Query & Indexing Logs

Comprehensive reports and statistics with graphical views on system status, queries, content, history, etc. Live console gives administrators a real-time view of system activity.