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Tokyo Electron Limited Unifies Collective Knowledge to Supercharge Field Service Operations

Coveo injects existing knowledge into support operations, from across a variety of repositories, database applications and geographies, reducing repair times and improving customer retention

QUEBEC – March 4, 2013


Kevin Chasey, Senior Vice President, North America, Tokyo Electron: “Selling and servicing high-tech products is always a race against Moore’s Law. Innovation and data are rapidly evolving, so we need to make sure we have all necessary information available and consolidated in a fast and efficient manner. With Coveo, we are able to navigate our complex product picture with ease. Amazing is too weak of a word for what Coveo was able to accomplish.”

Diane Berry, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communication, Coveo: “Field service engineers simply cannot know everyone who can help and exactly where each piece of information they need for every customer and every product is located. Coveo’s powerful, Unified Indexing and Insight platform takes Enterprise Search to a new level, where employees can easily access all information that is relevant to their context, from a single interface, without IT moving data or conducting lengthy integrations. Increasing return on knowledge is a key concern of all organizations in which information and products are complex. This is the next wave of productivity growth in our knowledge economy.”

About Coveo

Coveo brings to market a highly advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform that redefines how people access and share fragmented knowledge around the customer-focused enterprise. Coveo brings together the collective and yet fragmented information from cloud-based, social, and on-premise systems, and injects it into the context of every user, every time. Coveo connects people to contextual content, and through content, to relevant people. This enables more efficient customer service, increased sales, shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and increased profitability. Coveo’s advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform securely connects with and crawls all systems to create a virtual integration layer, by federating and enriching structured and unstructured information.

The Company’s lines of business inject existing knowledge into every Customer Service interaction, personalize online customer experiences within high-end websites, and increase overall return on knowledge by making the collective knowledge easily accessible, so that all employees can stop reinventing the wheel. More than 2,000,000 people globally and more than 500 companies use Coveo to achieve their business goals. Among Coveo customers are CA Technologies, L’Oreal Switzerland, Lockheed Martin, YUM! Brands, GEICO and SunGard. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @coveo or like us on Facebook.

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