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Coveo for Salesforce Launches on's AppExchange

Coveo for Salesforce Launches on's AppExchange customers can now easily find critical knowledge from social and enterprise systems to be better informed and transform every customer interaction
Businesses tap into the power of social and mobile cloud technologies to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employee
QUEBEC – January 11, 2012

Coveo tannounced it has launched Coveo for Salesforce on's AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. Coveo for Salesforce radically enhances search and knowledge access by bringing data related to the user’s work from virtually any system into the Salesforce Service Cloud. Coveo for Salesforce automatically “reads” case information and presents relevant knowledge and experts who can help solve the case, improving case intelligence and customer service performance and transforming the customer experience.

Reductions in case resolution time, increased first contact resolution and higher levels of customer and agent satisfaction are key factors in transforming customer support operations from cost centers to strong revenue contributors. Customer service agents often waste valuable time searching different systems for critical customer and product information. With Coveo for Salesforce, agents can quickly and easily find the most relevant customer information every time they view a case in Salesforce, regardless of where the information resides.

Leveraging the power of Coveo’s enterprise-grade, Unified Indexing and Insight Platform, Coveo for Salesforce quickly indexes any Salesforce instance and provides advanced “out-of-the-box” search for Salesforce with just a few clicks. Users and administrators can easily add content to the index, either from diverse cloud systems such as Gmail and Salesforce, or from on-premise systems. The application can then search across these various systems to bring together key information within Salesforce, that is readily assembled and contextualized for the user to take action with the customer or case.

Coveo for Salesforce is currently available on the AppExchange at

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Connect in Entirely New Ways with Collective Knowledge from Anywhere

A highly social, search-based application, Coveo for Salesforce provides agents with relevant content, that in turn helps them better connect with employees, customers and other experts. Coveo for Salesforce recommends information about similar customers, prospects, cases and their resolutions, email conversations, community and social media discussions, and both internal and external experts who can help solve customer issues.

Product Key Features

Top features of Coveo for Salesforce include:

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The Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading business apps marketplace. With more than 1,700 partner apps and 1.7 million customer installs it is the most comprehensive source of social and mobile cloud apps for business. The Salesforce Platform is the world’s most trusted and comprehensive cloud platform for building social and mobile cloud apps, powering Salesforce CRM, and more than 3 million custom apps built by customers and partners. Apps built on the Salesforce Platform can be easily distributed and marketed through’s AppExchange.

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About Coveo 

Coveo brings to market a highly advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform that redefines how people access and share fragmented knowledge around the customer-focused enterprise. Coveo brings together the collective and yet fragmented information from cloud-based, social, and on-premise systems, and injects it into the context of every user, every time. Coveo connects people to contextual content, and through content, to relevant people. This enables more efficient customer service, increased sales, shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and increased profitability. Coveo’s advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform securely connects with and crawls all systems to create a virtual integration layer, by federating and enriching structured and unstructured information. The Company’s lines of business inject existing knowledge into every Customer Service interaction, personalize online customer experiences within high-end websites, and increase overall return on knowledge by making the collective knowledge easily accessible, so that all employees can stop reinventing the wheel. More than 2,000,000 people globally and more than 500 companies use Coveo to achieve their business goals. Among Coveo customers are CA Technologies, L’Oreal Switzerland, Lockheed Martin, YUM! Brands, GEICO and SunGard. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @coveo or like us on Facebook.

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