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Coveo Offers 10-Step Guide to Unleashing Insight Locked in the Combination of Social and Enterprise Unstructured Data

New e-book unveils steps to using Insight to focus Engineering/Product Development, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service on the customer

QUEBEC – January 11, 2012

Coveo today announced that it has published an e-book that details how organizations can unleash the Insight locked in the combination of social and enterprise unstructured data—without resource-draining integrations. The e-book, titled “2012 Guide to an Insightfull Customer-Centric Organization,” gives readers a 10-step guide to help them develop a clear, repeatable process to bring Insight into any organization.

In the past several years, the enterprise has seen an explosion of unstructured data with much of it being generated by social media. However, more data available doesn’t mean more Insight into your customers; in fact, it often means the opposite – the more data that enterprises are faced with, the more difficult it is to manage and make use of it. To stay competitive and truly place customers at the center of operations, companies need Insight – fast, real-time access to contextually relevant customer information, regardless of its source.

In this e-book from Coveo, readers will learn the 10-step process for tapping into the combination of social and enterprise unstructured data – from defining and understanding the benefits of increased Insight to choosing and implementing a solution. The specific steps include an overview of how to:

“Now, more than ever, truly knowing your customer – including all channel interactions, their needs, products and pain points – and especially integrating that knowledge across Engineering/Product Development, Customer Service and Sales and Marketing, can mean the difference between successful, customer-centric operations and customer defections,” said Diane Berry, Coveo senior vice president of marketing and communication. “The rapid growth of unstructured data offers an opportunity for companies to understand more than they ever could before about their customers, but without a strategic plan in place to manage and extract Insight from the data, it not only becomes meaningless, it becomes burdensome. Coveo has helped companies around the globe turn data into knowledge through more than 700 implementations, and our e-book is an opportunity for others to learn from the successful strategies we have helped our customers develop.”

To download the Coveo “2012 Guide to an Insightfull Customer-Centric Organization” e-book please click here.

About Coveo 

Coveo transforms companies’ ability to gain Insight from diverse and overwhelming amounts of unstructured and structured data, whether it exists behind the firewall or in social media. Coveo’s unified indexing technology connects broadly with all systems to create a virtual information integration layer, from which role-based Insight Consoles present consolidated, correlated information mashups. Greater insight enables more effective and efficient customer service, more relevant customer experiences, increased sales and shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and ultimately, increased profitability.

Coveo customers range from Fortune 100 companies such as Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo and Verizon, to Global 2000 companies such as GEICO, CA Technologies and T-Mobile, to mid-sized businesses such as Terumo Medical, IBM Netezza and Children’s Hospital of Boston. For more information, visit

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