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Coveo 7.0 with Multi-Channel Text Analytics Uncovers Actionable Insight within Unstructured and Structured Data Across Enterprise Systems and Social Media

Coveo 7.0 Powers Insight Solutions for Customer Service Excellence, Product Development/Engineering Knowledge and Self-Service Information Access

LAS VEGAS – Oct. 24, 2011 – From the Technology Services World Show

Today, Coveo introduced Coveo 7.0 with Multi-Channel Text Analytics, the first solution to apply text analytics across an index of vast amounts of data concurrently in enterprise systems and social channels. With Coveo 7.0, users discover information relationships across diverse data sources, behind the firewall and in social channels, to better serve customers, increase product innovation and quality and support decisions made across the enterprise.

Coveo 7.0 provides customers with the most advanced tools on the market to deal with “Insight Deficit” – the inability to leverage important business information siloed by systems, departments, geographies and type. The inability to get at the right information creates negative business impacts ranging from dissatisfied customers to longer sales cycles and lower levels of product innovation.

Coveo 7.0 gives users the ability to search and navigate, consolidate, correlate and analyze information wherever it’s stored, via a single, intuitive interface. Coveo’s configurable role-based Insight Consoles give users insight into customers, products, projects and people.

With Coveo 7.0, organizations can correlate unstructured information from multiple sources to recommend next best actions or specific content. Within Coveo’s Insight Solutions for Customer Service, this enables more consistent and satisfying customer experiences across all channels, from social interactions on Twitter and communities to email, calls, chat and more.

Key Coveo 7.0 Features:
Coveo 7.0 with Multi-Channel Text Analytics Use Cases:
Supporting Quotes:

Leo Annab, Business Technology Officer, CA Technologies: “The addition of Multi-Channel Text Analytics in Coveo 7.0 will help CA Technologies gain further relational insights into our unstructured data that will enhance knowledge management and user experience. With Coveo, we have empowered our customers, contact center agents and employees with a self-service website and single-screen access which has resulted in increased customer satisfaction by 10 percent and significantly reduced case resolution time.”

Vincent Fosty, Managing Partner, Kurt Salmon: “Coveo 7.0 will allow organizations to not only access, but make sense of vast amounts of unstructured data, in near real time, thanks to the Multi-Channel Text Analytics module on top of this very flexible indexing technology. As a global organization with consultants across North America and Europe, gaining insight into data stores siloed by systems, departments and geographies is core to our business. With Coveo, we’re able to search, consolidate, correlate and analyze information on customers, engagements, past projects, our people and more, all through a single interface, giving us a level of insight into our business that wasn’t previously attainable. Coveo has really helped us to accelerate sales as well as better serve our customer engagements.”

Esteban Kolsky, Principal and Founder, ThinkJar, an advisory and research think-tank focused on customer experience and CRM: “The ability to consolidate information from disparate sources, including social channels, and correlate it with other enterprise information gives customer service organizations a deeper level of insight that’s a true market breakthrough. Multi-Channel Text Analytics on top of this combined data provides an even deeper level of insight to uncover key trends, identify issues before they become known to customers and more. This ultimately helps organizations know and serve their customers better, save costs and increase profitability.”

Laurent Simoneau, President and CTO, Coveo: “Unstructured data is growing exponentially in not only size and complexity, but also geometrically, as the number of enterprise systems and social channels continues to proliferate. With our Multi-Channel Text Analytics capabilities integrated with our Platform, Coveo provides an even deeper level of insight to organizations to identify trends, key themes and issues before they become known. This level of insight has yet to be seen in today’s market.”

John Ragsdale, Vice President, Technology Research, Technology Services Industry Association: “The services industry has been crying out for efficient solutions that enable agents to uncover the knowledge they need to solve customers’ problems. Coveo has been a pioneer in this field, providing a deeper level of insight across platforms than has ever been available before. Now, with the ability to mine social conversations along with enterprise data, Coveo gives users the whole picture, helping them to better understand their businesses and make more informed and profitable decisions.”


Coveo 7.0 is currently in beta and will be generally available in Q1 2012.

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Coveo is the confluence of Enterprise Search 2.0 and knowledge management for superior customer experiences, faster and more innovative product development and agile insight for decisions across organizations. Coveo transforms disparate structured and unstructured data, from virtually any system, into actionable, on-demand insight about customers, projects, people, processes and products, providing greater insight into key business processes. Greater insight enables more effective and efficient customer service, more relevant customer experiences, increased sales and shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and ultimately, increased profitability.

Coveo customers range from Fortune 100 companies such as Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo and Verizon, to Global 2000 companies such as GEICO, CA Technologies and T-Mobile, to mid-sized businesses such as Terumo Medical, IBM Netezza and Children’s Hospital of Boston. For more information, visit

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